The Albatross is known as a legendary majestic bird that when respected was always a good omen for ancient travellers on the high seas as they guided the travellers to safe harbours and showed them where the fish were biting.

Albatross provides you with these legendary good omens for great family times on magical Lake Eildon.

Albatross built in the 1980’s presents as a well-maintained houseboat holiday home with fresh painting of external Cladding and Decks.

Albatross has a good Front Deck opening into a spacious Front Lounge with large windows to let the magnificent scenery into the houseboat.

The Kitchen is well appointed and importantly has a fully electric Samsung Fridge/Freezer.

The Master Bedroom has a queen sized bed and double wardrobes.

A feature of Albatross is the good-sized Rear Deck and Hydraulic Duckboard with Sun Awning; making it a very comfortable spot to throw the fishing line in or go for a swim/splash on the duckboard..

Upstairs the deck appears to be in very good condition after being freshly painted and re-sealed; plus, with a side gradient to ensure the rain water does not sit but runs off the houseboat.

Upstairs you can enjoy the Sun, a BBQ dinner on the outdoor dining setting protected from insects with a full set of fly wire screens. Or just sit around and watch the Sunset with the ripples dancing on the water.

Albatross has a large 3000watt Inverter/Charger System, good Solar Batteries fed by 3lge new + 4 Solar Panels.

Albatross, with all the major maintenance tasks completed, is a great family holiday home and has all the attributes and legendary good omens for your family to begin the magical journey on Lake Eildon.

Want to see more, there are around 150 Photos of Albatross in the DropBox Photo Folder

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