“Brewers Sloop” is offered as a genuine Renovators Opportunity.

Your chance to get onto Lake Eildon at an entry level price; enjoy the approaching Summer Season whilst you make your plans to renovate the houseboat next off season.

Why should this interest you?

Firstly, the Pontoons are square/rectangular (not original rounds) and have good buoyancy.

Secondly, the basic structure of the houseboat is solid, which gives you something to work with.

Thirdly, at this price, if you spend your money & time wisely you can have a good holiday home on the water without overcapitalizing.

“Brewers Sloop” could also be attractive for someone to take her off Lake Eildon and transport her to another waterway; Do this and you can reduce the Asking Price by around $60,000.

“Brewers Sloop” currently has a good front deck; front lounge with kitchen and 4 bedrooms (sleeping 16 people).

Don’t miss this Renovators Opportunity!!!!