There is a saying called “Eildon Time”, where you forget about time, the stresses, and let your worries disappear; in other words, “Cest La Vie”, just enjoy life.

Cest La Vie is priced to sell and with some TLC provides the opportunity for your family to begin the journey on magical Lake Eildon.

Cest La Vie has front lounge with large tinted windows and encompasses the kitchen with servery and electric fridge/freezer. There are large comfortable lounges to sit back on and watch the TV which is fed by an Auto-Satellite Tracker.

With its innovative design, Cest La Vie fits in 4 bedrooms, which includes the main bedroom with queen bed and rear view. These are serviced by a central bathroom with shower, vanity, toilet and instantaneous hot water service in the cupboard.

Important for a family there is an entertainment space for each generation with the first storey level relaxation/entertainment area with the all weather composite aluminium canopy.

Cest La Vie was slipped in 2016 with a GMW Compulsory Houseboat Inspection Report issued; also there are invoices on file to show the motor and leg were serviced, at this time.

Cest La Vie has been a great family houseboat holiday home and with some TLC, she provides the opportunity for your family to enjoy life on magical Lake Eildon on “Cest La Vie”.

At this asking price I don’t expect her to last that long on the market.

Want to see more, there are around 80 Photos of Cest La Vie in the DropBox Photo Folder

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