When you arrive at your happy place, Lake Eildon, can you feel the change that comes over you. It is still you, but somehow you look quite different as you are relaxed, you might smile as you blend into the magic environment that is Lake Eildon.

A Chameleon is known to change its colour or outward appearance depending on whether it is stressed or feeling relaxed as it blends into its environment.

On the houseboat holiday home Chameleon, your family will be at your happy place and you will notice the change as they blend into this magic environment of Lake Eildon.

Chameleon has had many good changes to her appearance over the years and today is presented as a very well presented and maintained houseboat holiday home.

The front lounge is bright and inviting with the large windows that welcome the scenery into the houseboat. The kitchen nicely blends into this area and importantly has a new Samsung electric Fridge/Freezer.

There are plenty of beds on Chameleon with 3 bedrooms. This includes the main bedroom with rear views and two bunk rooms sleeping 6 in beds. Great for a family.

An added feature, especially for a houseboat of this size is the hydraulic duckboard, providing a great swimming platform.

Another important feature of Chameleon is the upstairs area with the Stainless Steel & Fibreglass Skin Canopy together with the Composite Aluminium & Stainless-Steel Walls. Apart from looking great they require minimal maintenance.

Chameleon has quality Solar Electric Technology with a new Victron Energy Inverter/Charger System, new House Batteries and new Solar Panels. With all these you hardly need the Generator.

Over recent years Chameleon has been owned by families who have become captivated by the magic of Lake Eildon.

As their families have grown, they moved onto larger houseboat holiday homes.

They have all loved their times on Chameleon.

This is you opportunity to begin the journey and see the changes the magic brings to your family.