When contemplating your destiny what better way to spend your relaxation times than in an ideal environment in the mountains surrounded by forests & farmland, floating on a wide expanse of water, with the air being so fresh and clear.

Sounds most inviting and you could be enjoying this special magical place called Lake Eildon on a high quality floating houseboat holiday home.

Destiny provides this and more, all year round.

Expertly built, then beautifully maintained and upgraded, Destiny offers a quality holiday home experience.

Quality leather furniture, beautiful woodwork, and top-quality fittings and appliances is what comes with Destiny.

The hardtop provides a second all year-round relaxation & entertainment area. Just imagine sitting back and watching the chandelier of stars as they sparkle in the brilliant night sky.

Destiny has kept pace with technology with the latest in solar technology enabling a relaxing lifestyle, including the all-important 24/7 electric fridges.

When you walk on board Destiny you can see the maintenance has been kept to an extremely high standard; nothing has been spared to keep her in ideal condition.

Make it your Destiny to enjoy the magic that is Lake Eildon in style.

Ask to inspect Destiny this weekend.

Want to see more, there are around 120 Photos of Destiny in the DropBox Photo Folder

Please Go To “Questions? – Contact Us” and request a LINK to the Destiny Photo Folder