Some people have said to me over recent months that $1million plus is a lot of money for a boat.

My response has always been, you are on the wrong wavelength.

I challenge them to tell me where you can purchase a holiday home under $2million with the amenity provided by these floating holiday homes, in any resort area, in Victoria and you are within 50 to 100 metres of the water.

Further, this holiday home has to be no more than 2 hours drive from Melbourne and you are not going to be regularly caught in traffic congestion in getting there and back.

There are only 720 houseboats permitted on Lake Eildon and with 520km of shoreline, if you don’t like your neighbours you can always find a secluded spot to enjoy the serenity, the peace, the magic with your family and friends.

You can tie up your holiday home in a secluded inlet amongst the bush and the water is always at your duckboard.

With the advent of the new larger sizes for houseboating and the great advances in Solar Electric Technology the changes in the quality and offering of houseboating has been immense.

Houseboats are no longer very nice Caravans on the Water.

With the amenity now existing, houseboats on Lake Eildon are now high-quality holiday homes or apartments on the Water.

These changes have brought new ideas, new visions and very talented people into making these visions a reality.

Halcyon was created by the inspiration, vision and talent of award winning architects and interior designers plus the work of talented craftsmen.

With this background, Halcyon brings together years of experience on the water to capture the ultimate Lake Eildon experience.

The interior décor of Halcyon draws inspiration from the outdoors and seamlessly connects this into this magnificent holiday home.

Halcyon uses all the latest technology to ensure you have the facilities, appliances and equipment required so your family can enjoy this magnificent environment.

From the open layout at water level to the four bedrooms and three bathrooms to the exceptional views and sunshine on the top deck, Halcyon is designed to create those special memories your family will cherish for a lifetime.

Enough said, this is your opportunity to own this exceptional holiday home designed by award winning architects and interior designers, that will deliver for your family.