Honeymoon Escape is offered for sale WITHOUT a GMW Lake Eildon Houseboat License.

Honeymoon Escape can be transported to another Waterway

Time to escape, just the two of us, find a secluded inlet, pop the champagne and let’s celebrate beautiful times together in this magical place called Lake Eildon.

It will be like a honeymoon every time you escape to this magnificent place, your happy place.

Great memories of just being lazy and throwing the line in and catching a trout or cod.

Just sitting back at night and watching the chandelier of stars;

Taking in the sun on the top deck;

Feeling energetic and going for a paddle in the canoe.

Honeymoon Escape was completely rebuilt in 2017 and for a smaller category houseboat she has many pluses including rear lounge with kitchen opening onto the rear deck and duckboard.

For a Cat 1 houseboat, she has good solar electrics.

Honeymoon Escape might be compact but she provides a great opportunity to commence the houseboat journey of life, together, on magical Lake Eildon.

Every time you escape to Eildon, it will be like a honeymoon, in your favourite secluded inlet.

Want to see more, there are around 70 Photos of Honeymoon Escape in the DropBox Photo Folder

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