Asking Price: $ 485.000.00 incl GMW Licence; $ 395,000.00 without GMW Licence

The houseboat has been built to the new larger size now permitted on Lake Eildon.

The houseboat is currently stored at  Tyabb, Vic.

The first storey level has been constructed to enable it to be separated from the rest of the houseboat for transport purposes.

The houseboat has been built to 17.9m in length to allow for a Duckboard to be fitted

The houseboat is 7.25m in width.

The houseboat has pontoons designed to hold 54 tonnes in weight.

There is a provision for a Bow Thruster to be fitted.

The pontoons have a crash bar at the front and an iron/steel keel.

There are two motor pods fitted to take twin motors for the houseboat.

A gangplank has been fitted.

Stainless steel supports are in place to cater for a rear and side duckboard.

At Water Level the Cabin has tinted glass windows with front and rear sliding glass doors. There are also sliding glass tinted doors to the rear sides of the Cabin of the houseboat.

There is some basic stud framework for 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This can be altered to meet your requirements.

There are internal stairs to take you up to the first storey level.

At first storey level, there is tinted glass windows with an opening window at the front and sliding glass tinted doors to the rear.

There is an open rear deck with no guardrails.

There is ability to access the top deck, however, there is nothing at this level.

There is a GMW Lake Eildon Houseboat Licence that can be attached to this houseboat on completion before launching.

Linden Marine has transported new houseboats from this site to Lake Eildon over recent years. An estimate of transport costs can be made available.

The houseboat has been built to this stage by Linden Marine for their client. Linden Marine has built many houseboats for Lake Eildon and the Murray River over many years.

This Houseboat @ Lock Up Stage provides you with the opportunity to complete the fit out of the houseboat to your liking, layout, design and specifications.

This opportunity enables you to save considerable time in the building of the houseboat and there is a strong possibility that your family could be enjoying Christmas 2020 and the New Year on your new houseboat holiday home if you act now.

Want to see more, there are around 50 Photos of “Houseboat @ Lock Up Stage” in the DropBox Photo Folder

Please Go To “Questions? – Contact Us” and request a LINK to the “Houseboat @ Lock Up Stage” DropBox Photo Folder.