Have you been thinking about if it is the right time for your family to invest in a houseboat holiday home on Lake Eildon, whilst the kids are still happy to be seen with their Mum & Dad.

Maximum provides the opportunity with a well presented entry level houseboat holiday home.

At Water Level, Maximum provides a bright, open layout with front lounge, side kitchen and rear dining area with rear view. Of note there are large windows to let the environment into the houseboat as well the off-white panel ceiling with light timber walls.

There are two good sized bedrooms with a Queen Bed in the Master and 4 good sized single bunk beds in the second bedroom; If you have guests, there is the Couch/Double Sofa Bed in the Lounge. These are serviced by a Bathroom with twin vanities and shower. Many see it as a positive with the Toilet separate.

Houseboats in this section of the market can have their pluses and minuses; Maximum is no different.

The pluses for Maximum include (i) the internal open layout with side kitchen at water level; (ii) a big plus is the Mercruiser 4.3lt V6 Motor (with houseboats of this vintage the motors can be a lot older); (iii) The Solar Electrics with a Projecta 2000watt Inverter, a MPPT Solar Charge Controller and four new Lithium House Batteries.

The two negatives include (a) the top deck has tin sheets with marine board panels attached to it. The tin sheets and structure appear to be in good condition; however, the marine board panels have seen better days. These can be replaced if required. A good sign is there are no apparent water leaks. (b) Maximum was last slipped in 2018. There is nothing wrong with this per se as the GMW Regulations require the houseboat to come out of the water for an inspection every 5 to 7 years. HCHS would recommend a Dayslip Inspection by an Independent Competent Person as a condition of any sale. The Independent Competent Person could provide an opinion as to if the pontoons should be serviced in the next 6 months or they will be OK to Winter 2024. This is not a structural issue as such but more a budget issue of when you have to allow for these normal maintenance items to be undertaken.

In sharing this, the owners wish to be open and honest in selling Maximum.

With that said, Maximum has many pluses as an entry level houseboat holiday home; the overall package provides great value and a great opportunity for your family to begin the journey on magical Lake Eildon of making many special memories together that will last a lifetime.

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