Heading up to Lake Eildon with the family to enjoy great times together will not take much planning at all, not when you own a houseboat holiday home like No Big Deal. It will not be a big deal at all as NBD is a modern houseboat holiday home with great facilities to ensure you and your family can relax and enjoy this magical environment at Lake Eildon.

Downstairs on NBD is all open plan and relaxation space opening onto the rear deck with hydraulic duckboard. This is where all the action takes place; everyone is part of it. Sit at the island servery and enjoy a meal prepared in a great kitchen with all modern appliances.

Upstairs is for accommodation with 3 good bedrooms, including Master with ensuite. You can relax on the rear sun deck and take in the views.

NBD was extremely well built, (the original owner used to land his helicopter on the roof) has good buoyancy and has the latest in solar electric technology with Outback Inverter, new Gel Batteries and abundant Solar Panels. She is also gas compliant.

NBD is a bright open and inviting family holiday home waiting for you to enjoy great times with your family on magical Lake Eildon. Ask to inspect her this weekend.

Want to see more, there are around 150 Photos of No Big Deal in the DropBox Photo Folder

Please Go To “Questions – Contact Us” and request a LINK to the No Big Deal Photo Folder.

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