You’ve got One Life, so make it count! Adventure, laugh, and spend quality time with family and friends on the magnificent Lake Eildon aboard this stunning houseboat holiday home on the water!

One Life is a modern houseboat of exceptional build quality. Significant experience, thought and innovation has been poured into the design, giving you an excellent all year round family holiday home.

Ideally situated for a family, One Life has 3 good bedrooms, well equipped lounge/entertainment areas for each generation, a modern kitchen with quality appliances and a great back lounge.

Upstairs under the hardtop it’s easy to imagine the family sitting around the dinner table together, or lounging on the daybeds in the summer sun.

One Life has the latest in solar technology with tons of batteries, a big 4000w inverter, plenty of solar panels and all backed up by a quality generator.

One Life is all about taking that time out, getting the balance into your life and being part of your children as they grow up experiencing the magic of Lake Eildon.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

One Life is available now! for more detailed images or to book an inspection, please Contact Us!