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Not the way I would normally start an introduction to a houseboat but just had to share this most beautiful and awe-inspiring letter written by a special guest of the owners of Panorama.

It gave me goose bumps reading it; it embodies the magic of the special place that is Lake Eildon .

“Panorama” “What It Means To Me”.

“To Me, the best part of my Summer, is the place I go to look at the beautiful sky and unbelievable scenery. The glorious colours, bright blues and greens that turn to turquoise mixers, the pink oranges and the velvet red lines that makes the moment when the sun falls un-describable.

As I sit out in the middle of the Lake, nothing surrounding me but the clear water, green because of the tree’s shadows, the sun falls from the top of the sky and it glistens and sparkles on the top layer. The warmth I feel is incredible and I automatically think of this being one of the special moments I will remember forever.

As the sun hits the hills and the water lay still as glass, the dark string figures in shapes of spider webs, tall creatures, claws and creations of black cracks in the sky come out. I see this only when I am here, rocking in my rocking chair or lying on the strung banana, covered in a doona, listening to the sounds of the night.

It’s picture perfect. No matter where Panorama is moored, I see these beautiful scenes and experience moments that I will never forget.

You hear nothing except for the occasional jump of a Red Fin or the sound of the water hitting the side of the boat making a quiet clanking sound. It’s so still and so peaceful.

As night falls and darkness sets in, one by one the stars come out and you see nothing but a glittered sky ending at the top of each hill making the destination for night boats easier to find.

I usually fall asleep underneath the stars, no problems and no worries, just a wonderful and unforgettable sight. Once again, I feel incredible warmth even though it may be a really cold night.

My night ends with a special hot chocolate that only one person can make, the way I like it.

I awake in the morning sun and the sound of early morning skiers catching the glazed, glassed water before it is chopped up by roaring speedboats and the snail like houseboats heading towards their mooring spots. I then for fill my fix of riding the Jet Ski’s, skiing, boat hopping or just relaxing in the sun. But I always look forward to the night ahead.”

This was a beautiful thank you by a niece to her beloved Aunty & Uncle.

Sadly, it is time for Panorama to find a new family to experience this magic.

This spirit or magic is embedded in Panorama.

If you would like to know more of the details of Panorama just ask.

Please Note: The Canvass Sun Cover for the Top Deck is stored in the Houseboat to avoid deterioration whilst not being used.