Portofino is a fishing village and holiday resort on the Italian Riviera and is famous for its picturesque harbour and historical association with celebrity and artistic visitors.

You can see where the first owners of Portofino got their inspiration from in building and naming this houseboat holiday home, Portofino.

Portofino was built in 1989 with the modern open layout of side kitchen and spacious rear lounge. Portofino is a full width 18 feet wide houseboat. This implies the cabin is just about the same size as a 20 feet wide houseboat. Install walkways and you have a 20 feet wide houseboat.

Portofino is ideal for a family with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. This includes the Master Bedroom with full ensuite which contains a Spa Bath.

The Solar Electric Technology has been upgraded with an Outback Inverter; a Victron Energy Smart Solar Charge Controller; quality PowerSonic House Batteries and 8 new Solar Panels.

Of significance, Portofino has a Mercruiser D530TA 5cylinder diesel motor; plus, a Quicksilver 8kva Marine Diesel Generator. These provide economical and a safer use.

Your family could walk on Portofino tomorrow and begin enjoying the magic that is Lake Eildon.

However, Portofino is ideally suited to be renovated, upgraded and extended.

Portofino has what is called “good bones” or structure for a houseboat; with the pluses already outlined and the very competitive asking price, you could give her a good birthday and not be over capitalized.

The inspiration of the original owners of Portofino could be given a new lease of life and your family will think they are holidaying on the Italian Riviera every weekend.

Want to see more, there are around 120 Photos of Portofino in the DropBox Photo Folder

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