What do people look for when purchasing a quality Houseboat?

Firstly, they want to know it was well built and has been maintained to a high standard.

Secondly, they will look at the Layout of the Houseboat to see if it meets their requirements.

Next comes décor, the colour scheme, the furniture, and the appliances; does it appeal to them?

Then the Solar Electrics; the Batteries; the Inverters; the Motors; the important stuff that is required to deliver a great stress-free experience out on the Lake.

Today, we are presenting a Houseboat Holiday Home that will TICK the Boxes on many people’s list of must have on a houseboat holiday home.

Welcome to “Satisfaction Guaranteed”.

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” was professionally built in 2009 and the original owner ensured it was built to the highest standards. The original owner had owned a number of houseboats over the years and knew what worked and what was needed to meet his requirements.

Then with the new larger size regulations, the owner extended the houseboat to take advantage of these larger sizes. Again this work was undertaken by professional houseboat builders and was completed to the highest standards.

Next the houseboat was slipped in July 2022 with the pontoons and motor legs being serviced.

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” gets a Big TICK for being well built and well maintained.

Next Layout: Satisfaction Guaranteed is planned for the whole family to enjoy at the same time.

At Water Level, this includes a Guest Bedroom and a Bathroom then side Kitchen with a large Rear Lounge opening onto the extended Rear Deck.

The First Storey Level is something else with an amazing Master Bedroom to the front with a magnificent Ensuite. Imagine sitting back and soaking in the Bath and looking out as the Sun dances on the ripples on the water. It is something else.

There are two more Bedrooms for the Kids, on this level and they have their own Bathroom.

Important Houseboat Design has a space for each generation to relax in. To the Rear is a wonderful Al Fresco Area. Dine here or just sit back and chat as you sip on your favourite beverage.

The Top Deck provides a great place to enjoy the Sun or on those clear warm Summer Evenings reach out and touch the Chandelier of Stars; you feel like you are on top of the world; just magnificent.

For a family, “Satisfaction Guaranteed” gets another Big TICK.

Next is Décor, Colour Scheme, Furniture & Appliances. This area comes down to personal taste and we all are different here. All I can say here is, no expense was spared on any of these items to create this beautiful and tasteful environment. If any of these are not to your taste you can change them; however, a lot of thought went into how it all comes together so that it looks special and provides a great place to be happy and relax.

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” gets another Big TICK.

When you look at Technical Items, it is all done to the highest standards. A top of the range Selectronic SP PRO Series Inverter/Charger System; 24 Gel House Batteries; a top quality Yanmar Diesel Generator to back it all up. Further, she has twin Yanmar Diesel Motors, expensive to initially instal then low cost to run and maintain. These are backed up by Front and Rear Thrusters to ensure manoeuvring a large vessel like Satisfaction Guaranteed does not become an issue.

Another Big TICK for “Satisfaction Guaranteed” in this important department.

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” is presented to you as a high quality, extremely well-maintained houseboat with an excellent layout for a family holiday home on the water.

What does the name actually mean?

With all the Big TICKS the owners believe that they and their family were always guaranteed of fantastic family times enjoying the magic of Lake Eildon equalling Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Does “Satisfaction Guaranteed” tick your boxes for your family’s holiday home???

Make an appointment to give “Satisfaction Guaranteed” your Big TICK!!!

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