This Covid19 Pandemic has shaken up a lot of people and many have reassessed their values and what is really important in their lives. Quality time with family now appears to be extremely important.

This has provided many a second chance for a new beginning with the most precious to you.

A second chance at Lake Eildon creating special memories in an uncrowded, safe environment on a houseboat holiday home, ticks a lot of these boxes.

The houseboat Second Chance @ LEM could be the ideal venue to spend quality time with the family.

Second Chance has a large spacious rear lounge with plenty of large windows to let the magic into the houseboat.

Up top there is a great relaxation space to enjoy the Sun or relax and have a BBQ. You will think you are on top of the world.

Importantly, for a family holiday home, Second Chance has two important pluses. Firstly, there are 4 bedrooms sleeping up to 14 people in beds. Secondly, there two bathrooms and two toilets. No queuing on this houseboat.

Second Chance is powered by a Mercruiser 5.0lt V8 motor. This will provide plenty of power to take you where you want to go.

Second Chance has plenty of Solar Power with 6 large solar panels and plenty of house batteries (11).

Have a think about what is important to your family and purchasing a holiday home on the water at Lake Eildon could be worth serious investigation.

Second Chance @ LEM ticks a lot of boxes as an affordable, uncrowded and safe family holiday home on the water.

Want to see more, there are around 130 Photos of Second Chance @ LEM in the DropBox Photo Folder

Please Go To “Questions? – Contact Us” and request a LINK to the Second Chance @ LEM Photo Folder.