The owner would like to move on and has reduced the price significantly.

If you are interested in transporting this houseboat to another waterway, the owner is prepared to assist in preparing the houseboat to meet transport requirements.

A Lake Eildon Houseboat Licence is currently worth around $60,000.00. This could be deducted from the Selling Price if the Houseboat is moved from Lake Eildon.


Gordon Ramsay is Captain of his vessel and commands the crew to have a jolly good time as they set out to enjoy the magic of Lake Eildon on the good ship G.R.

Gordon Ramsay was completely gutted and refurbished in 2013.

New modern layout with rear lounge, new kitchen, new bathroom, new bedrooms.

A new Mariner 75hp outboard motor was installed and the electrics were completely upgraded.

Now with 3 good bedrooms, including Master with full ensuite G.R. will make an ideal entry level family holiday home on the water of Lake Eildon.

Ask to inspect G.R. this weekend.